Endometriosis, PCOS, and Fibroids: Surgical Techniques that Preserve Fertility

Fertility Friday shared an interview with Dr. Kyle Beiter, NaPro TECHNOLOGY surgeon last week. His interview begins at six minutes in. At twenty-five minutes in he discusses what makes NaPro surgery different.  http://fertilityfriday.com/dr-kyle-beiter/


Topics Discussed:

*How the NaPro Technology surgical approach differs from the general approach that is taken by classically trained Obstetrician-Gynecologists
*What are the main reasons why women are referred for surgery in the first place?
*At what point would surgery be appropriate to remove fibroids?
*What are the surgical techniques that minimize bleeding, scarring, and adhesions when removing fibroids surgically?
*What exactly is an adhesion, and how do NaPro technology surgical procedures minimize adhesions of your reproductive tissues?
*What is endometriosis, and how is endometriosis diagnosed?
*Why you can’t diagnose endometriosis with an ultrasound alone
*How does endometriosis contribute to or cause infertility?
*What does endometriosis actually look like in the body?
*Does endometriosis just grow back after surgery?
*What is adenomyosis and how is it related to endometriosis and infertility?
*Can surgery (i.e. ovarian wedge resection surgery) improve PCOS symptoms?
*How do ovulatory disorders contribute to or cause infertility?
*How ultrasounds can be used to help to identify ovulatory disorders
*What is LUF — Lutenized Unruptured Follicle — and how does it contribute to and cause fertility challenges?

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