NaPro TECHNOLOGY Providing Hope After Loss, Guest Post

My name is Janelle and I am 31 years old. I always imagined myself as a mother to a large family so naturally when my husband and I got married we decided after our one year anniversary we would actively start trying to get pregnant. We were shocked when just one month after trying to conceive (TTC) we found out we were pregnant. Sadly, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage when at my 11 week appointment the doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat on the doppler. An ultrasound confirmed our worst nightmare that our baby had stopped growing. I had a D & C on Christmas Eve in 2009.

We waited a few cycles for my body to regulate and then started trying again. In July of 2010 we were pregnant for a 2nd time, but very, very cautious. My pregnancy went very well. I was teaching full time and finishing up my Master’s Degree. However, our lives would take a drastic turn during the birth our daughter. She was a large baby and I was induced at 39 weeks for fear of her getting any bigger. I didn’t progress much during the day and my OB said if by 7:30 I hadn’t progressed they would do a c-section since my water had already broken. At roughly 7:20 I started pushing and fairly easily pushed my daughter’s head through, but that is where it all stopped. She was stuck. The nurses pushed on ribs, ended up cracking them, but no success. My doctor tried to dislocate and even break my daughter’s arm to get her out, but it didn’t work. In a true example of emergency textbook medicine my doctor decided the only way to get my daughter out and to hopefully save both of our lives was to push her back inside me and up the birth canal. The staff had never performed this type of action before but it was the only choice they had. Immediately upon entering the operating room they began the c-section. I was given strong anesthesia part way through but angels were watching over us. Life support was ready for my daughter; they were not anticipating a live baby, however she came out screaming! Her arm was paralyzed from the trauma, but she had no other impairments   She was born at 11.2 pounds and 23 inches!

Fast forward a year and we decided to start trying again. My body had healed, my mind and heart had come to terms with the trauma of my daughter’s birth, and we knew we wanted her to be a big sister. After a year with no luck my OB did some testing. She found no reason for us not conceiving and sent us on to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). My RE did a lot more testing and in the end diagnosed me with “undiagnosed secondary infertility.” We did 6 months of medication and timed intercourse, no success. We then had 3 IUIs, no success. I became pregnant naturally during one of our months of treatment but sadly that baby also miscarried. My RE felt that IVF was our best shot at having a child. So we had an egg retrieval, 5 embryos survived and were frozen. The next month I had a FET with 2 embryos. 1 implanted and we were sure God was giving us our rainbow baby. Sadly at the 12 week appointment this baby had also stopped growing. I had another D & C and tried to wrap my head around what was happening. Each time I miscarried was after healthy heartbeats had been detected, all blood work was normal, the babies all tested fine.
We decided to do another FET, this time neither of the 2 embryos took. I needed a break; we took the summer off from treatment and were going to try with our last embryo in September. Sadly, the day of my procedure it was cancelled as the embryo was not viable.

I was crushed and knew I needed to try something different. My friend had told me about NaPro TECCHNOLOGY over the summer and we figured now was as good of a time as ever to explore new options. I learned Creighton charting and after 3 months of blood work and a chart review my NaPro doctor diagnosed me with a type 1 luteal phase deficiency. It was such a relief to know what was causing our problems. I have just completed my 3rd medicated cycle and I am hopeful that through NaPro I will be able to conceive more children.


***A wonderful update***

Last year during National Infertility Awareness Week, Janelle shared that she was currently 37 weeks pregnant with another little girl and set for a c-section delivery on May 10! She said, “For those who are searching for hope, give NaPro a chance. What a difference a year can make!”

It was so exciting to hear from Janelle during NIAW 2019 as she wanted to update her story.  “In May of 2018 our family welcomed our second daughter into the world. Alice Mae was God’s answer to thousands of prayers. There is no doubt in my mind that we wouldn’t have Alice without NaPro and Dr. Stalling. For those who are looking for a story of hope and perseverance, mine would fit. Even with NaPro treatment it still took us a year to get pregnant. My husband and I are now blessed to have two daughters but it took us nine years of trying, not to mention three miscarriages along the way to become a family of four. I am not sure whether our family will continue to grow, but for the first time in nine years I feel peace when it comes to my reproductive health and for that I am eternally grateful.”



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